January 21 – It’s a Dog’s Life

My husband picked up a GoPro Camera, which is a waterproof digital video camera popular for use by extreme sports types (snowboarders, etc). No adrenaline junkies in this house, but he plans to use it on an upcoming commercial shoot, as it can produce HD video footage. We had to test out it’s capabilities before the shoot, and the dogs are always willing to go out and play in the snow. It was a natural collaboration. The pups enjoyed running around the back yard on this warm day, and we enjoyed watching the footage from their point of view. Here’s the highlights reel:

January 20- Where is summer?

It’s that time of year when Honolulu seems to become a suburb of Anchorage, as Alaskans flee south for a needed dose of Vitamin D. I wish I was one of them, but that’s not in the cards until March. I’m not sure what it says about life in the North that the craft store sells full spectrum “Happy Lights” to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder, but they do, and I paused for just a moment in front of one today. Mmmm, fake sunshine!

January 19 – Lazy Saturday

Sometimes the best weekends are the ones where you don’t do anything. Eating popcorn and watching Netflix played prominently in my Saturday agenda. To balance out that total lack of productivity, I got the motivation around 5pm to clean the freezer. Turns out, half the freezer was full of browned bananas that I threw in there because I couldn’t bear to throw them out. I could make a loaf of banana bread the size of a small Volkswagen with what’s in there…

January 18 – Leave this week behind

Spent a long day at the office, trying to catch up on everything I could before heading out for the weekend. As usual, for this time of year in Alaska, the sun had already set when I started the drive home. Will be glad when I get to come and go to work in the daylight, again!

January 14 – Rainy Day

On January 14,  we got our “Freak” January rainstorm, that seems to happen every year.  Roads were skating rinks all over the state, as evidenced by this photo from the Anchorage Daily News. I have never been so glad to leave the aviation industry as I felt on this day.
The view out my office window as the rain first started to come down

We left work a little late that day, to avoid the rush hour traffic on the way home.  By that time, the rain had turned to snow- it resulted in a very rough texture on the ground and the roads were not a problem at all.They didn’t seem to get bad until a couple days later – maybe all the driving had wornd down the snow/ice sandpaper texture that we had going earlier. When we got home, the chokecherry tree in our front yard was dripping, glittery from all the water drops, as the snow/rain mix fell between the branches.
Poor tree

It’s been less than a week, but I have already forgotten just how long it rained – I know that the total quantity set a record for January.


January 13 – Fresh Tracks

We live on a very quiet street.  I normally get up and do my grocery shopping first thing on Sunday morning, so it wasn’t a particular surprise to see that my truck’s tracks were the first to mar the fresh snow fall.