January 14 – Rainy Day

On January 14,  we got our “Freak” January rainstorm, that seems to happen every year.  Roads were skating rinks all over the state, as evidenced by this photo from the Anchorage Daily News. I have never been so glad to leave the aviation industry as I felt on this day.
The view out my office window as the rain first started to come down

We left work a little late that day, to avoid the rush hour traffic on the way home.  By that time, the rain had turned to snow- it resulted in a very rough texture on the ground and the roads were not a problem at all.They didn’t seem to get bad until a couple days later – maybe all the driving had wornd down the snow/ice sandpaper texture that we had going earlier. When we got home, the chokecherry tree in our front yard was dripping, glittery from all the water drops, as the snow/rain mix fell between the branches.
Poor tree

It’s been less than a week, but I have already forgotten just how long it rained – I know that the total quantity set a record for January.


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